Thursday Thoughts #3

Hey team!

Happy Thursday! Here is a roundup of some of my recent thoughts and shenanigans.


This past weekend Brian and I went to the North Fork of Long Island and had the best time with his parents! It’s one of our very favorite places in the world. We stopped by our wedding venue for a tasting, went to a couple of cute farm stands and picked up some fresh (and insanely delicious) local produce, and got a chance to relax. It was so nice to take a breather, cook a nice dinner together, and catch up with my in-laws. It was fun despite the rain. Plus, stay tuned for a post on my adventures cooking with local produce soon!


I am making sure to keep up with eating healthy choices and working out the next few weeks, but also trying to make a point to take some time in each day to really relax. I have an INSANE September (two weddings, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and Brian’s 30th birthday in addition to the new school year starting up again), so I’m making sure to get enough sleep and take some time to watch a show or read a book some time each day. I know that when I get stressed, it’s when I’m most vulnerable to getting sick and I definitely wouldn’t want that!


Summer running is still really getting me down, team. I have been hitting paces on the treadmill that I feel like I’m soooo far from hitting outside and it’s been so discouraging. I sent a text to my running coach who is super encouraging, but I never feel like this when I’m training in the fall and winter. Growing up, I danced year round, but I’m starting to realize that if I wasn’t a dancer I would have definitely been a winter athlete, because summer training is just not for me – and that’s okay. I’m not registered for a race right now, and I’m comfortable with maintaining my fitness so that I can really push myself towards my goals when the weather cools off.

She’s so supportive!


This week, two of my absolute best friends had birthdays! I am so lucky that I have such amazing women in my life and I hope that they both had incredible days! Happy birthday Allyson and Sara! I love you girls.


Aaaaand the most random of all is a question for you all. I know a lot of you are on a budget and I am going to be moving in the next few months since our lease is up at the end of September. We are going to need some new furniture when we move. Ours likely won’t survive a move since we bought it cheap and it’s already moved once and is 4 years old. What are your favorite furniture stores and what pieces do you own and love from them? We’ve walked around IKEA and wrote down some ideas, but I just want to know how they hold up – especially the couch that has a trundle that pops up into a bed. I mean, it seems amazing, but it could break after a week and I wouldn’t know. I’ve browsed Wayfair, too, but I’m wary since they don’t have a brick-and-mortar that I can visit to see the quality. Basically, I need furniture help!

Well that’s it for my randomness today. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I’ll be back here Monday bright and early as usual!

❤ LB

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