Thursday Thoughts #4

Happy Friday-eve, friends!

Here I am with some super random Thursday Thoughts! I’m going to keep this one short and sweet since I’ve been so busy!


This week has been INSANE. Truly a crazy start to the school year (I’m extra busy because I’m an administrator at my school so new and old staff are always coming to me with questions)! Our new staff seems awesome and I’m excited to get to work with them and all my old pals. It’s also doubly crazy because it kicks off my crazy September (even though it isn’t September, yet – AH!)!


Once again, I’m super pumped for the weekend because my sister-in-law gets married to the love of her life on Saturday! Today is the rehearsal dinner and then Friday I’m going to work and then back out to Long Island for the party on Saturday. Brian and I are both in the wedding and we’re excited to support Lauren & Will on their big day! Also – I’ve seen her dress and it is seriously stunning! She’s the only person I’ve ever cried at the wedding appointment during shopping (including my own!).

IMG_0106 2
The four of us in New Orleans in January 2018.

IMG_0109 2IMG_1291 2


This week, I only blogged twice because Tuesday, I had just too much on my schedule. As a form of self-care and in order to not feel stressed about this blog – which is meant to be something I’m excited about – I decided to skip a post and not rush it. I know you’ll forgive me 😉

Anyways, that’s all for now! Have a fantastic long weekend everyone!

❤ LB

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