Our Wedding: A Timeline – Part 2

Our Wedding: A Timeline – Part 2!

3:30-5:30 – Reading letters, first looks, and photo sessions! When we arrived at the venue, the girls went straight into the bridal suite, opened a bottle of wine and hung out for a bit while we waited for the guys to arrive. When they did they went straight upstairs to the groom’s loft (a converted hayloft in the Northville Barn at Martha Clara).

Brian and I read our letters to each other out loud for our friends and for the wedding video. I burst into tears just LOOKING at the letter from Brian, and barely held it together while I read his sweet note that made me laugh and really feel the love.


I had a first look with my dad which was so emotional and both of us were in tears. And yes, our photographers told him to put down his beer for this moment LOL.

When it came time for the first look with Brian, I was a bundle of nerves, but so so excited to finally see him – something I had been anticipating for almost 12 hours. After our first look, which was so sweet and fun, we took a few portraits, and then got the families and bridal parties involved.


5:30 – Here comes trouble! While we were outside taking formal group portraits, I heard a rumbling sound in the distance and immediately knew that it was the busses arriving with all of our guests. And there I was standing outside, in full view of where the busses were headed, in my wedding dress. Our amazing wedding-day coordinator and organizer, Molly, threw on a poncho and went running at top speed out into the muddy parking lot to tell the busses to make another loop. That woman HUSTLED. Meanwhile, I was huddled against the wall of the barn in literally a full squat surrounded by my family and bridal party. We scurried inside to hide in the bridal and groom’s suites while our guests made their way under the tent for the ceremony. It was just about time to get hitched!

Hiding from the wedding guests!

Stay tuned for part three of our wedding day! We get married and host the most fun party of…ever.

❤ LB

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