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Thursday Thoughts #5

Hello team! Happy almost Friday!

As always, here are some of my musings for the week!


Brian had his 30th birthday this past weekend! We went out to dinner on Friday night, had brunch on Saturday, and then went to a housewarming/birthday party that some friends were hosting. He said he had a great day, and truly he deserves it. He is the best!

IMG_9078 2.JPG


I am excited for this weekend because I get to see a lot of my college friends at my friend Tori’s wedding! It’s sure to be beautiful and the dress code is “black tie welcome” so I’m going to get glammed up which is always fun. Congratulations Tori and Steve!


Brian and I got a new apartment which was the craziest turn of events that I never could have guessed. We knew our lease was up soon, of course, and had been checking the internet for possibilities. Unfortunately NYC life is such that you can’t reach out to apartments until you’re really ready to move so we had not connected with any realtors or landlords. Fast forward to early last week and I come home from work to see a sign on the door of the apartment next door to ours advertising a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in exactly the price range we were searching. We texted the woman and saw the apartment this past Saturday. It’s ready with almost no overlap to our current lease, has no fee, and I can’t stress this enough: it’s LITERALLY five steps away from our current apartment, making the move a breeze. We are so excited and, of course, I’ve already started cleaning and purging my stuff for the move.

And that’s all folks! It’s been super busy already this month with the start of the new school year and all of our festivities and a big move approaching, but I’m looking at it as a positive. I have many great family and friends who want me and Brian to be a part of their celebrations. I GET to be busy, and I’m a lucky girl!

Have a great weekend everyone!

❤ LB



29 Goals for My 29th Year!

Hey friends!

Random Monday post coming at ya! I thought I would do a quick post today to talk about my birthday that was just this past Tuesday. I turned 29 and I’m super excited to be where I am in life at age 29. I have a steady job, an amazing husband, I’m healthy, I have amazing friends and family, and I am just loving life! On Tuesday, I got up and went to my regular 5:45am Crossfit class for a birthday workout, then headed to work as usual. I left work early (since I can – it’s summer and there are no kiddos around!), came home, grabbed a snack and then went out for a run. It was a difficult run, which was discouraging, but since it was my birthday, I reminded myself that I’m grateful to be able to go out for a run – even when it’s tough. Then my husband and I went out to dinner and ice cream!

Photo cred to my bestie Allyson from my bridal shower – I was this excited for the whole day on my bday!

When I went to bed that night I was thinking about what I can do to make sure that 29 is my best year yet and I started brainstorming some things to do this year. Not all of them are “goals,” some are just things I want to make sure I do (or do more of) this year and I thought it would be helpful to jot them down and publish them on the internet to hold me accountable. Here are the things I’m sure will make my 29th year great!

  1. Keep working out consistently – I’ll get into this in another post but it really is key!
  2. Try at least 3 new workout classes.
  3. Get a tattoo.
  4. Stretch and foam roll more.
  5. Make more home cooked meals.
  6. Add new recipes to my “can make without looking at a recipe” repertoire.
  7. Get my health and ancestry results from 23 and Me.
  8. Blog consistently. 2-3x/week.
  9. Read for pleasure during the school year. This is so hard, but I really enjoy reading and find that I do so much less from September-June.
  10. Put my phone away when I’m with friends and family. Gah! Why is this SO hard for me!? It’s mostly Google when I’m with others, but I need to let it go when I can’t think of that actors name!
  11. Host a dinner party. A real one, with place settings and a menu we make from scratch.
  12. Learn some basic ASL.
  13. Go to more “well” visits at the doctors/dentist/dermatologist/gyno.
  14. Get more comfortable saying “no” when I don’t want to do things. There’s no need to make excuses for not coming to someone’s birthday party. Just “No, thanks,” has to be enough. We’re adults.
  15. Take more photos! Especially using my “real” camera.
  16. Save money.
  17. Do more outdoor activities with friends and family. Hiking in particular. But not biking. Fun fact: I HATE biking.
  18. PR in the half-marathon.
  19. Find and stick to a consistent skincare routine (would LOVE suggestions!).
  20. Get a really good haircut. Chop chop!
  21. Go on a girls trip.
  22. Bake a really good loaf of bread.
  23. Learn more about wine.
  24. Go to a concert.
  25. Invest more time in my relationships with friends and family.
  26. Stop “venting” at work so much.
  27. Obviously, going along with my intentions for this blog I want to visit more restaurants, museums, and fun things in NYC.
  28. Get a dog!
  29. Say YES more often!

Do you all have any big plans for this year?

Have a great week everyone!


❤ LB